Why JG Performance?

When you work with us, we always focus on getting the best results and performance out of you. We do a lot more than just put you on the scales every few weeks and hope you have lost a few pounds or ‘think you look better’. When you train with JG Performance, we will be working on your Exercise, your Health and your Nutrition to get you and your body the best results.


Our exercise sessions are far beyond what you will find yourself doing in the gym environment, you will get better results with us faster than you have ever seen before.

Our fitness sessions are by no means easy - that’s why your results will come so fast!

Health & Nutrition

Because no matter what your goal, whether it is weight loss or sports performance, you can never get the greatest results until you are healthy. Nutrition - the key to your performance. Making sure we get this right for you, it can only mean performing and feeling AWESOME!

Personal Training

Having a personal trainer is not something solely for the rich and famous. Personal Training is the most time efficient, safe and effective way of getting in shape.

At JG Performance we will:

  • Set goals and ensure we progress towards these goals every week
  • Pursue your goals with a program you enjoy
  • Ensure you learn how to train effectively
  • Tailor sessions specifically to your needs and wants
  • Make sure you understand the Nutrition.
  • Food is critical in fuelling your body and reaching your goals.