Personal Training

Personal training can instantly be associated to people that are lazy. This isn't the case, there are a lot of people out there that are well driven that have personal trainers.

What personal training does give an individual is more from the free time they have, you'll get more from the session than what you maybe would on your own, and not doing the same repetitive workouts that stopped getting you results 4 weeks- 6 months ago.


Training plans are geared to you and your goals.

For example, do you hold weight on certain areas of the body i.e belly, hips or bum? if you do, that's not from a lack of doing tummy crunches, weighted side bends or working on the bum,

You're still eating too much food.


This is where accountability comes in:

  • you have to show accountability a personal trainer
  • you have to show accountability to your eating
  • you have to show accountability to the training

When all this starts falling into place, then you know the value of a personal trainer, you'll see it in your energy levels, confidence and the way you're looking physically

Becoming a personal training client, a lot is expected of a person. 


A client may be paying for service to help change ones self BUT you must meet my own expectations to get results.

As a client, you will be expected to train three times per week for a minimum twelve week period.

10 things i expect when you're wanting change

1. You have to be hungry for it 

2. You must be willing to think bigger

3. It's not free

4. You will have to work hard 

5. Drop your excuses 

6. Be willing to get honest feedback

7. If you take more than 30 (actually lets make that 5) minutes to take the action then we are not a fit

8. Act by example of what you expect from a prospect 

9. Be honest about where you are 

10. Be willing to fight resistance.


can't do all of the above?

Achieving results will become difficult.


If you do want more out of life, more energy, better sleep and a BETTER BODY you'll get it through commitment and hard work through nutrition and gym sessions.


Whats in it for you?

  • full body analysis
  • personalised nutritional plan



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